22 June, 2009

Cupcake Batches

Having twins is twice as sweet. Our lovely cupcakes look good on shirts, mugs, aprons, bags, and more. With the text 'Batch 1 of 2' and 'Batch 2 of 2' on their shirts, you'll no longer need to answer when people keep asking you which twin is older. Available in pink and blue and in a variety of styles.

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Twice As Sweet BBQ Apron Cupcake Batch Organic Toddler T-Shirt Batch 2 of 2 Kids Sweatshirt
Twice As Sweet Apron Batch 1 of 2 Organic Toddler Shirt Batch 2 of 2 Kid Sweatshirt
$18.69 $23.69 $18.69

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